I want to share my experience with FanStory.com. I have to say when I first found this site I thought it was a scam. I couldn’t believe that they could give me feedback for everything that I wrote. I couldn’t believe that I could enter poetry contests for free. I thought,  FanStory.com must be a scam – but it isn’t.  FanStory.com is not a scam. It’s the farthest thing from a scam!

I joined. To my amazement – everything  FanStory.com claimed to offer they do – and FanStory offers so much more. I can interact with writers from around the world. The help that I receive for the stories and poems I am working on is amazing. I love how the site encourages me to write. The contests give me new ideas. The feedback is wonderful. I am growing a fan list.

But best of all, the writers are there for me to share their thoughts on my writing.

I feel blessed to have found this site. It changed my life. Now I’m published! That would never have happened if I had not joined FanStory.  I laugh at my first thoughts when I found FanStory.com. I’m so glad I joined.